Samsung Galaxy S10 G970u G973U G975U Note 10 N970U N975U N976V REV4 G977U REV5 Sprint Verizon T-Mobile Direct Unlock


1-30 Miniutes Delivery Time


 Supported models

-(G970U G970W G973U G973W G975U G975W N970U N970W N975U N975W G977P G977T N976V)- REV4

-(G977U ATT/VZW) REV5.

It is done remotely by usb cable and not by imei.

Please verify that the phone IMEI is not wiped.Type *#0011# and be sure that mipi test is success.Also insert a diferent SIM card and be sure is either asking for code,or saying Invalid Simcard or shows the unlock app mesage. After payment open our live chat for guide on unlocking your phone.